After a considerable amount of work over the past year, we are proud to offer all current and prospective patients our website as a free resource guide for their eye health. On our state of the art website, you will find information about the different services that we offer, how those services are carried out, and an extensive library of physician approved informational videos, brochures, and written literature on a variety of eye diseases and treatment regimens.

“Eye health education has been an integral part of who we are and how we translate excellence in eye care to the patient,” states comprehensive ophthalmologist Dr. Mabel Cheng. “We believe that one of the paths to years of happy vision begins with good education – by having the patient read brochures or watch videos on their eye conditions, the patient becomes better informed on the importance of their treatment regimens for their ocular health. Additionally, by having these resources available to the patient at any time, the patient can learn at his or her own rate. This extends education past the clinic walls and facilitates the passing of accurate information from physician to patient, and helps to dispel the fear, uncertainty, and doubt that may accompany certain eye conditions.

The website has also proven beneficial for patient’s family members as well. “If you are someone who takes care of a loved one, you know how difficult it can be keeping up with all aspects of their healthcare,” notes cornea and comprehensive ophthalmologist Dr. Nicole Lemanski. “Frequently, different family members will bring a loved one to our office. This has presented a logistical challenge because each family member is seeing a different part of the treatment regimen out of context to the other. By having a resource for family members as well, individuals responsible for the care of a loved one can better take part in their healthcare.”

As part of our commitment to continuous improvements, we welcome feedback as to which eye conditions, tests, treatments, and / or services individuals would like to learn more about. To submit an inquiry or comment, please feel free to drop us a few words under the “Contact Us / Directions” tab.

–The staff at Mabel MP Cheng MD, PLLC