Adult & Pediatric Eye Exams

Know someone in your family who has had an eye disease? Have you been diagnosed with a disease or condition by your primary care physician? Do you have children who were born early? Or perhaps you are just looking for peace of mind that you or your loved ones’ windows to the world are healthy and happy. No matter the reason, it is never too early or too late to give you or your children’s eyes the greatest gift of all, a comprehensive eye examination.

Call the experts, Dr. Mabel MP Cheng, MD & Dr. Nicole Lemanski, MD for a comprehensive eye exam. It is very important that you have an eye exam done, whether or not you are experiencing problems. Many issues can go unnoticed and escalate over time. Comprehensive dilated eye examinations can provide early detection and therefore early treatment of ocular diseases that, if undetected, may result in compromised vision.

Our routine eye exams are thorough and utilize the latest technologies to help look for problems before they begin. Our advanced wavefront refraction system and corneal topographer, for example, can not only be used to help our physicians create highly accurate glasses prescriptions, but can also be used in the early detection of certain eye diseases that would have been missed with traditional methods, such as keratoconus.

Once your refraction is complete, one of our friendly and highly competent staff members will take your medical history, obtain a list of your current medications, and assess your ocular pressure. All of this information will be utilized by our physicians to determine your risk for certain eye diseases, which may be hereditary or drug induced. Dilation drops will then be instilled into your eyes so that the doctor can see the back of your eye. While you are waiting for the drops to take effect, you can listen to or watch our patient education module. This is a great way to learn about your eyes as well as come up with questions for your doctor that you may otherwise would not have asked.

After your eyes have been dilated, our physicians will examine you and assess how your eyes are doing. At this time, a photo may be taken of the back of your eye for future comparison purposes. Of course, should anything be found, our doctors will thoroughly explain their findings as well as schedule further examinations or tests with our state of the art equipment. Call us today to schedule an eye exam.

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